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If you are wondering what tiles we carry in stock, then here is a brief overview.

Buxton – Ceramic Tiles

We carry a range of ceramic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen.  The nature of ceramic tiles means they are more suited to a ** environment where their more fragile nature

Image of ceramic tile and more details

Buxton – Porcelain Tiles

In out showroom we carry a wide sample selection of Porcelain tiles.  These are always best suited to a ** environment where the beauty of their finish brings out

Image of a porcelain tiles

Buxton – Natural Stone Tiles

The beauty of natural stone is in their rugged raw finish, which is still protected by a coating of **.  These are designed for areas that require a more earthy and natural finish to compliment a room.   They are best recommended for floors (not walls) due to their thickness and robust nature.

Image of a natural stone

Buxton – Marlborough Tiles

Marlborough tiles have a range of tiles that are most commonly found around fireplaces or kitchen decorative backdrops.  They are much smaller in size with a range of designs depicting ‘country life’ to give a more homely feel.  With the ranges having pictures of flowers, plants, small wildlife and other categories, they are often a first choice consideration when wanting to create a certain style.  In addition, they even do a ‘commissioned’ range, if you require something more bespoke.  At Inside Out in Buxton we have been providing Marlborough Tiles for over ** years and are proud to have them in our tile studio.

Image of marlborough tiles

Warm Up Underfloor Heating

A big consideration these days when designing a kitchen or bathroom, is if the flooring is to be completely replaced, do you go for an underfloor heating solution to give a full gentle warmth to the floor of your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.   We can supply the full underfloor heating kit, selected to be the right sized kit for the flooring size you have to go along with your installation; we take all of the work off you and you are left with a lovely underfloor warmth.

Warm up stock image here

Buxton – Mosaic Tiles

One of the best ways to make a feature statement in any tiled bathroom (or kitchen) wall or floor?  It is to use a mosaic feature of it.  Mosaic tiles are small, come in squares or strips, can fit any large or small size and have a range of finishes that make them ideal.  From deep dark colours to bright glitzy shining glass effect – a well selected moscaia stip can be added to your free design and you can get a feel for just what a difference a nice design can have.

Image selection of 2-3 mosaic tile groups

Buxton – Karndean Flooring

One of the most popular flooring options these days is Karndean flooring.  It is a tile based system using a a rubber/PVC(?) set of printed soft tiles designed to be laid and cut down to fit any space.  Primarily used for kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to lay down, lighter than tiles and comes in a wide range of finishes.  If you want a floor to look tiled, wooden effect, stone effect or some other finish, they come in a wide selection to cover most popular options of flooring.

Couple of karndean samples & floor finish example

Buxton – Shower Wet Board Sheets

Are you looking for tiles to complete your shower cubicle or wet-room?  A growing popular alternative are using shower boards.  These showerboards are large sheets of printed board designed to fit quick and easily inside a shower area (cubicle, walk in, wetroom, shower block)

Inside Out Buxton Kitchen Wall & Floor Tiles

At Inside Out our designers have years of experience in offering guidance as to tiling solution for kitchen walls and flooring, along with splash backs and little features.

Our kitchen displays have tiles around them to show what can be done and to give you ideas. Our large tile studio is fitted with many tile sizes, shapes and designs.

Karndean at Inside Out in Buxton

At Inside Out we are also a Karndean dealer. Karndean is one of the most popular choices for flooring now, for both kitchen and bathroom floors. It comes in a large tile size, is easy to lay and has a range of finishes. It comes in a range of finishes from wood effect to tile effect with a tans, light, dark and patterns also on. Versatile and easy to use, soft underfoot and easy to clean – it has become as popular as traditional tiles now for the modern kitchen and bathroom.

We can design your kitchen with a Karndean patterned floor when we measure up and design, so you can see the finished effect.

If you prefer the feel of tiles and the durability that comes with a hard wearing surface, or you want to get an exact match in style with wall and floor tiles, we can guide you over them.

Hundreds of tiles are available in our showroom as samples from some of the leading world suppliers, but it not just that.

Mosaic Tiles

We carry mosaic tiles in sheeting format which is wonderful for putting whole or cutting down in strips and having as fillers and features. The shine, sheen and finish that comes from mosaic tiles it can add a another dimension to the tiled finish and give a little extra sparkle to the design.

Inside Out Buxton Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles

At Inside Out we have been supplying bathroom tiles for over 20 years to customers throughout the Peak District, and further afield.

Our expetise in finding the right tiles for the right job, in guiding you through the decision process (if you are not sure on exactly what you want), in helping you find colour matches, highlights and features.

We carry ranges from natural stone through to porcelean, from vinyl to wood.  You can purchase a small quanity for a ‘repair’ or a little WC room, or a full suite for the larger bathroom.

If you are not sure, you can use our free design service and, providing you can supply your bathroom measurements; we can map out your room and put the new tile options in so you get a look and feel before deciding.

So if you are after large tiles, square tiles, white tiles, mosaic tiles or painted tiles; we carry them all.

Call in at your convenience, have a look around our ample studio, see out displays which show feature aspects of the tiles and get inspired.

Inside Out Buxton Wet Room Shower Boards

Are you looking for a wet room solution or shower boards for your enclosure?

If so, you need to call in an speak to us.

With over 20 years experience in designing shower enclosures and wet rooms, we know our shower boards.  We have displays, swatches and samples available for you to look at.  We will show you how they are fixed, different options for installation and you can view different brands as well.

If your aim is a new bathroom or make over, you can take advantage of our free design service.   All we need is your bathroom dimensions, what is in their currently (or what you want newly installed) and we can design it out – including your panels!

We also supply wet room flooring kits if you are after a full wet room renovation.

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