Registered Disabled Discount

Under the government’s ‘disability support scheme’ any client registered disabled, who has the need to make physical adjustments to the living space qualifies for VAT relief!

It’s Very Easy – We Do It For You

It’s very easy to do. We even keep the forms in stock, all you need to do is sign at the bottom and declare you have mobility or other requirements that classify you as disabled. We fill the rest out, store the form and remove the 20% VAT from your bill!

For example if you want to renovate your bathroom from a traditional one to a nice walk in shower with seat, you can save hundreds of pounds off the cost.  Anything purchased from us that is to be used in as a fixture or fitting to help with your mobility counts.

If you are unaware of this, then contact us today to discuss your requirements.  Use our expertise in design and delivery and see how we can help you get the space you want with a saving that is not to be turned down.