Cutting Edge Modern Technology – for the 1860’s

Thomas Crapper is acknowledged as the man who invented modern plumbing (u bend pipes, cistern ballcocks and more) in addition to the  modern flush WC and public flushing conveniences.

The early design for his flushing cistern has now been brought back to life in this high quality display that shows off the design features of the day, still totally practically today with a few modern hidden twists (not sure…double flush pull?)

Thomas Crapper design by **

This display by ** is designed to celebrate 250 years of development in WC designs and takes pride of place in our bathroom showroom. Call in and have a look at the design that shaped modern WC history!

At the same time, have a look around at our modern (21st Century) designs, space savers, traditional styles and continental brands.

The display won’t always be in our showroom, so come in whilst you can.